The state of Maryland is spending their time seriously considering all of the proposals that they have gotten in for the Rocky Gap Resort. Readers will remember that the state had been having some difficulties in figuring out how to get slot machines into the location, so they made a very lucrative offer for those companies that would be interested in bidding on the location.

State Lottery Agency Considering ProposalsThey have received four proposals from companies looking to build slot machine casinos in the location, and have already eliminated two of those four. They are taking their time in looking at them all as they know that whatever company they bring in to manage the slot machines they do not want any troubles, and they want it to be a long lasting relationship. They know that when deciding upon the relationship that you want to have with the casino builder that it will influence and affect not just the type of casino that you have, but also the type of people that will come to that casino.

Depending on the clientele that you want for your casino, that is the brand of slot machine company that you want servicing it. Use the wrong company in the wrong location and you will ultimately have a casino that failed simply because they failed to understand their market. This is one of many reasons why the State Lottery Agency is looking to take their time while deciding, and they are down to two: Landow Patners LLC and Evitts Resort LLC.

UK Online Casino Companies Opt For Lesser Known Software

CryptoLogic is the most prominent UK online casino software manufacturer, and one of the most prominent internet software manufacturers in the business, period. Therefore when two UK gaming companies recently announced they were using less popular gaming platforms to power their online gambling operations, the news came as a surprise to some. One Club Entertainment and Cashcade each revealed they will be using Realtime Gaming Software and Canadian-based Chartwell Technology to develop respective online casinos for both businesses.

One Club Entertainment released their first gaming site by the name of One Club Casino, and is billing itself as an exclusive online casino with steady bonuses and promotions for loyal players. One Club Entertainment hired Realtime Gaming to build and brand their online betting platform, which the company says is a fresh alternative to the ubiquitous online casino platforms built by Cryptologic. One Club says the software enables real-time access to progressive casino jackpots for a variety of games, and that One Club also plans to extend its reach in the online gambling community by releasing online poker, bingo, and sports betting sites within the next eighteen months.

As for Cashcade, they sought out Chartwell Technology to build the software platform for their new online casino, called GetMintedMax. Both company’s worked together before (Chartwell powers software technology behind Victor Chandler’s casino business) and Cashcade is eager to expand GetMinted’s current membership totals beyond the 300,000 mark. Chartwell will essentially be building an expanded software platform that will be able to handle increased online traffic and offer more flexible options to its online casino players.