Montreux Casino Celebrates the Music of Jazz and More

As for being a Las Vegas casino developer, Phil Ruffin is getting to be almost as well known as Steve Wynn. Ruffin, who is the owner of the New Frontier (which is directly across the street from the Wynn Resort and Casino), has announced that – in addition to the casino he and billionaire Donald Trump are teaming up to build – Ruffin is going to replace the New Frontier with a casino designed after the Switzerland town of Montreux.

Although the resort will be large-sized, Ruffin made it clear that it will not be like the recent surge of luxurious casino resorts to hit the Strip (and even off the strip…by the likes of Red Rock Casino Resort). Instead, the fittingly named Montreux will be more like the Mirage or Paris Las Vegas, in that it will cater to middle-upper class casino goers. And as far as invoking the Switzerland town, Ruffin is talking about bringing part of the famous jazz festival that has its roots in Montreux to the resort itself – placing a musical themed emphasis on the immediate environment of the casino and resort.

With 2,750 rooms, a large selection of restaurants, entertainment, dance clubs and an array of boutiques and shopping options, The Montreux will fit in nicely on the same property that the Trump Las Vegas (which is already under construction) will sit on as well. The one thing, however, that will definitely make the Montreux stand out from its neighbors, is a 450-feet tall Ferris wheel offering visitors a spectacular view of the Strip in air-conditioned, glass enclosed cabins.

Ruffin says he will not be joining up with other investors for the New Frontier makeover, which he says will close some time in 2007. Exceeding a cost of $2 billion, The Montreux is preeminently scheduled to open in 2010.