The United Kingdom is eagerly awaiting the grand opening of the Manchester 235 Casino, which is one of the first new luxury casinos allowed under the UK Gambling Act. Developed by London Clubs International, this £13 million edifice will be opening near the end of October, and will offer upscale dining, entertainment and a horde of of the usual casino games, like roulette, craps, poker, break da bank online slots, baccarat and blackjack. Although the casino will be opening ahead of the enforcement of new gambling guidelines, which do not go into effect until next year, Manchester 235 owes its existence to the UK Gambling Act, which went into law earlier this year.

Comprising nearly 60,000 square feet in the Great Northern Warehouse, Manchester 235 is a larger-than-average site with amenities that are a first for its kind. Two restaurants – Linen and Numero – are attached to the casino, with Numero being the first public access restaurant located inside a UK Casino. Similar to the offering of Las Vegas resorts, Manchester 235 promises to offer a new breed of entertainment and gaming hitherto not found in the United Kingdom.

Manchester 235 Casino Eagerly Anticipated for October UK Opening

London Clubs International is very excited and confident about Manchester 235, and is on record saying it will be a “revolutionary” site which dedicated gamblers will come to know very well. There is no doubting the capability of LCI, who owns and manages some ten casinos, including two in Cairo and one in South Africa and several in London. LCI also prides itself on fine dining and the fine gaming experience, which they say is a sure bet at Manchester 235. Considering the company has a twenty-five year lease on the property at Great Northern Warehouse, it looks like LCI is more than confident in their highly anticipated casino.

IQL Acquires FirstPay, New Online Sportsbook Software

Online casino software designer IQ Ludorum was on a course to being a huge power player in the growing online casino industry until it hit some turbulence dealing with some miss-managed finances, and a resulting financial backlash. But, it is now in the process of pulling itself out of the ashes and becoming the force that it once was – Only now the online casino company is doing so by changing its approach and offering a more diverse base of services. The first of IQL’s big move is in its acquisition of the specialist in online debit card solutions, First Pay, which is worth at least three million British pounds. Currently, the company is also enjoying the fact that its sportsbook software is being utilized by Betcorp – And with the addition of FirstPay, the online casino company will also enjoy access to the highly popular WorldSportExchange, which is a primary customer of FirstPay.

With such strategic diversification, it is sure not to be long before this online casino company is back on the top of its game. Mike Muscato, IQL’s CEO, elaborated on the change saying, “The developments today reflect a fundamental shift in IQL’s business model towards recurring revenue and sales linked to the dollar volume of transactions. Gaming is expected to continue a double-digit, multi-billion dollar year-over-year growth and IQL is now poised to maximize its participation in this growth.” IQL is already in talks with other companies about its latest online casino and sportsbook software about who will be able to finance a deal to power their companies with the IQ Softech software. Betcorp is also slated to continue use of the same software for at least five years, and has already eluded to wanting to renew after the term has concluded.