Lately, as part of our gambling tips here at Online Casino Conditions, we have been discussing French and European Roulette at length. We have also shed some light on Microgaming’s European Gold Roulette, which in itself, has inspired us to devote our gambling tips for the month of August and indefinitely beyond on all of the different games offered by the top rated online casino software providers on the Web – Microgaming, Playtech, Cyrptologic, Real Time Gaming and Vegas Technology.

Since the rules and playing options may sometimes vary for each game (depending on the software) we think it would be a great help for those casino game-savvy players in determining if one software provider is more conducive to a particular type of game than another.

Game Differences by Online Casino Software Type

For example, Real Time Gaming’s Deuces Wild Video Poker offers 4 to 1 payouts on Full Houses and 3 to 1 payouts on Flushes, while Microgaming’s Deuces Wild Video Poker offers 3 to 1 payouts on Full Houses and 2 to 1 payouts on Flushes. Obviously the payouts at RTG casinos are better. However, if we examine the payout table closer we will see that Microgaming online casinos offer payouts of 16 to 1 for Five of a Kinds and 13 to 1 for Straight Flushes, while RTG offers only 15 to 1 for Five of a Kinds and 9 to 1 payouts for Straight Flushes.

Which version should you play? Well, that’s open to interpretation and is totally up to you, although odds have it you are better off playing Real Time Gaming’s Deuces Wild video poker.

As you can see, knowing the different rules and features of games by software make is an important consideration. We are looking forward to this project and hope you will check back often to see our database of individual game reviews grow.

Online Casino Accused of Irresponsible Gaming

There is a delicate balance within the online casino industry in order to maintain a respectable marketing practice while not crossing the boundary of exploiting the addictive nature within certain individuals. One unlikely recipient of some not-so-favorable accusations dealing with potential irresponsible marketing practices is the state-run online casino Oy Veikkaus in Finland.

Oy Veikkaus was first challenged by the well-known Ladbrokes back in 2003, via a lawsuit in response to Ladbrokes’ rejection for an online casino license in Finland. The court called an appeal to the rejection, on the basis that the government had cited the Gaming Act as the reason for the rejection, as opposed to Ladbrokes claim that the rejection stemmed from a monopoly violation under the European Union rules of free movement of services.

The second appeal of the Ladbrokes application was rejected in 2005, at which time the courts ruled that Finland’s choice to maintain a state-run online casino, while rejecting others like Ladbrokes, did not constitute a monopoly. So long as the Finnish government was non-discriminatory in keeping with the objective of preserving public, the courts ruled that Ladbrokes rejection was in the government’s domain.

The Supreme Administrative Court does, however, conceded that the current Finnish online casino is not meeting proper standards of addiction prevention in the use of its marketing. Some of the things that the Supreme Administrative Court is suggesting to the Finnish gaming site is to strictly enforce that no players under the age of eighteen be allowed to play, while simultaneously refocusing their advertising and marketing away from the underage demographic.