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Online Gambling Problems Besiege Israeli Government

Israel has long been the epicenter of online casino operators and online gaming businesses since the dawn of the online casino industry. These days, internet betting is booming in Israel, and authorities are beginning to fear that it is getting out of hand.

The concerns are those that any governmental body has to some extent, including problem gamblers, underage gamblers, money laundering and an imbalanced economy. And although these issues can be properly addressed and prevented, Israel is fearing that these side effects of legalized gambling have gotten out of control.

As a result of this growing trend, a meeting was recently held between the Chief Justice and the Head of Intelligence in Israel’s police force. It was reported the meeting concluded that a heavy crackdown on illegal online gambling was in order. The first steps to implement such a measure are actually the same as what the U.S. government did when it stepped up its enforcement of anti-gambling laws. Online gamblers may remember that U.S. credit card companies were first hit and ordered to not payout transactions made at online casinos. This was followed by an end to online gambling advertising, in which several large search engines pulled ads for online casinos and any¬†eagles wings online slots site that processed real money wagers.

Now, Israel is planning to do the same, with their first goal to put an end to the extensive and pervasive advertising of online gambling sites. But just as the demand for online gambling has far exceeded the governments reach in the U.S., it looks as if the citizens of Israel will have the final say on this one.

At River Belle Poker Room Integration Increased

In the BelleRock group, River Belle Poker Room advanced a significant step forward this week, towards becoming a one-stop integrated site, by adding to its offerings, 19 different casino games. The Gibraltar-based site is distinguishing itself from the general type of competition, by now offering its players the capacity to play within the same software, poker, as well as any one of 19 different casino games. Players are now capable of using one account to play the complete variety of online poker and casino games. With one download, all this may be accomplished raising the gaming experience on River Belle to a whole new convenience level.

Players wanting to compete on the River Belle challenging poker tables, will be able to use their poker booty on casino games and vice versa, with the new arrangement. As an additional benefit the casino games that can be played by River Belle poker players are Flash games. Flash games do not add to the extent of the software download and therefore have no unfavorable effects on the player’s link or system performance.

The list of Flash games that may now be played at River Belle Online Poker includes 6 styles of video poker and 4 of blackjack, 2 forms of Roulette and a broad range of the most popular Microgaming slots and card games. Tim Johnson, Chairman of Carmen Media Group which owns Belle Rock Entertainment, says that at River Belle they don’t just listen to their customers, but they also try to foresee their demands and therefore be the first to market with the types of features that will become industry standards. He says that the extended assortment of games is a enormous step toward creating a one-stop gaming experience that can make a world of difference for those playing.